Archives Norms (11) Items

  1. Containing evidences and particulars pertaining to national history, cultural heritage, State administration etc. of Myanmar.
  2. Reflecting the national characteristics.
  3. Pertaining to political, military, administrative, economic, social, cultural, scientific, industrial, medical aspects etc..
  4. Being government policies, plans and schemes.
  5. Being documentary materials of law, bye-law, procedures, system, manual etc. and related working papers.
  6. Being annual government reports and work implementation reports.
  7. Being important meeting minutes of the government.
  8. Being organizational set-up of a government department and enhancement, reform, amalgamation, change etc. of the same.
  9. Being statistical data pertaining to the State evolution.
  10. Pertaining to very important persons and prominent figures of the State.
  11. Pertaining to State events which should be commemorated.