• To safe-keep and conserve the national records and archives in entirety for perpetuity
  • To collect or receive the accumulated records and archives, which may certain organizations, for safe-keeping in the department as a national cause
  • To collaborate with International Archives Institution in enhancing the knowledge of Records Management and Archives Administration
  • To extract important facts from the Archives and disseminate them among the Myanmar people, arousing their awareness and response which are conductive to realizing the political, economic and social objectives of the nation


  • To acquire, accumulate and preserve public records of the nation that have administrative, evidential, informational, cultural and historical value
  • To provide aids for reference and research by government agencies and members of the public, as well as to carry out research into history of nation
  • To provide advisory services to government departments on the orderly and systematic management of public records
  • To preserve and conserve national records and archives as a national heritage
  • To modernize the management and administration of the archives through computerization programs